Dark Night of the Soul

Laurel West, LMT: Posted on Monday, November 07, 2016 5:30 PM

In my last blog, I wrote about my latest experience of being in the Void. It was a beautiful, heavenly experience (read about it here), but one that I came to realize through research and recalling my own journey, that you must first travel through the Dark Night of the Soul (DNS) in order to be lead into the Heavenly version of the Void. While my ascension process has occurred over many, many years, the current energy has significantly sped up the process for all of those whom are coming into the beginning of their awakening now. The processes of awakening, releasing, healing and clearing of ancestral issues and templates that have been deeply embedded in our energy fields now has the capability of happening in a period of days and months instead of years and lifetimes. Our ascension is happening at lightening speed because as a collective consciousness, that is what we voted upon, the accelerated ascension path. Whether you are aware of it or not (most not), your higher selves, agreed upon this evolution.

Your soul is ultimately the one in the driver's seat of your journey, even though your ego self likes to think it is in control. The ego will fight tooth and nail to keep the illusion of power in play, but the soul has the power to attract into your life the "lessons", usually appearing as challenges, into your reality in order to steer the ship into the direction of greatest growth. The harder the ego fights, the more resistance the ego gives, the more bumpy the ride. You will go round and round and be given as many detours as needed, lessons repeated until the lesson is learned and a new path can be accessed.

Many times, the Dark Night of the Soul is brought on out of desperation. When you have received challenge after challenge, road blocks, disasters, illnesses and despair and you have finally hit rock bottom, your soul cries out for mercy and for change of any kind. This is typically when you've hit your knees and called on whatever higher power that you believe in to assist you - this is when the Universe steps in.

Entering into the DNS is not something that you usually choose consciously. It arrives unannounced and without warning and thrusts you into a period of solitude. This period can last for a single night or extend into weeks and months of inner reflection. In my experience, the solitude began with me suddenly not resonating with the same people, places and situations. My comfort level had changed along with my idea of fun. I no longer found enjoyment or fulfillment in the same superficial relationships, conversations, topics, activities and behaviors as I had before. I started to recognize how much energy I was putting into things that truly didn't make me happy. The illusions and lies that I was living started to become clear. I could see the choices that I was making that were serving other people's expectations and society's expectations of my life and not my own vision for myself. I stopped accepting invitations to events that didn't make me happy, I stopped engaging in drama, negativity and anything that felt bad.... And that's when it happened. All of the sudden, the busy social calendar stopped, the texts, the phone calls....it all stopped and that's when the panic sets in. That's when the true Dark Night begins. You find yourself all alone, no one is returning your calls, you check to see if the phone is working, there is nothing but YOU in complete isolation. This is when your ego tries to come to your rescue and you begin to deny and blame your unhappiness and current loneliness on anyone but yourself. Tears start rolling, depression sets in, the feelings of rejection, abandonment and despair take over. You may choose to run and hide, revert back to your old habits, call up an old lover, in order to seek refuge from the pain. You might do this repeatedly until you realize that you keep getting stuck in the same pit of unhappiness, the same darkness. Then after you become exhausted from fighting and resisting the slipping down into this dark shadowy part of you that you have not wanted to accept, you finally Surrender.

Surrender is when you start to accept and allow what the Universe is orchestrating for you. Instead of running from the dark isolation, you either allow yourself to sink into it slowly or you dive down deep. Long held fears begin to emerge out of the shadows piercing your heart, forcing you to face the belief systems that you have long held onto, making you question who and where they came from and was it even you that put those beliefs into motion, or are they an embedded program that was inherited and placed inside of you unconsciously? Do these beliefs that are dancing around deep in the shadows still serve you? Maybe once they served as a survival mechanism in a desperate place in our ancestral past, but they have now served their purpose and they can now be released so that new belief systems can be adopted that serve our absolute highest path.

Once you start to question your belief systems, you begin to question yourself, your choices and everyone else too. You may become hyper-sensitive to the news, media, social-media, conversations, even song lyrics. It may feel as though the world as you've known it is falling apart. Any outside information, opinions, beliefs, etc. become overwhelming during the period in which you are trying to determine your core, authentic beliefs. Physical symptoms can include anxiety, panic attacks, heart palpitations, change in appetite, change in sleep patterns, weight loss or weight gain (depending on how your body reacts to stress), fatigue, depression, withdrawal, etc. If you experience any of these symptoms, please visit your healthcare provider to rule out anything more serious. Allow yourself this space to go within and connect with the answers that are already inside. Give yourself permission to rediscover your truth. Forgive yourself of the guilt that you may feel for retreating into solitude and for believing in and participating in those former illusions.

The reemergence after your DNS is similar to being painfully blinded by the sun after being in the dark. There is an adjustment period, you may want to lay low, put on your shades and cautiously observe your new surroundings. You may feel heartbreak by the things, situations and people you no longer align with. The place in between your old life and the new life can be extremely lonely, but you must push through. Those passions that you've always had are calling to you to act upon them now and once you do, your new soul family will start to magnetize to you. Yes, from time to time, you may slip back into the old energy for a visit to test the waters, but no worries, your soul has made a commitment to your ascension path and it will redirect you accordingly with either a gentle nudge, a swift kick in the pants or it will yank the carpet out from under your feet. The Universe will continuously bring you test after test, trigger after trigger, observing your reaction to determine what is next and how far you've come.

My advice is this: if you feel as though you're lost and scattered in pieces, go within. Take time to meditate, spend time in solitude, in nature, in order to bring yourself back to center. Don't be afraid to ask for help, but if you do seek outside guidance, only take in what resonates with YOUR inner truth and leave the rest.

Surrender, have complete patience, trust and faith in the higher power, for it will lead you Home.

Sending you the highest vibration of LOVE and light on your journey back to self. xo

Waking Up - What are YOU waiting for?!!

Laurel: Posted on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 5:30 PM

For most of my life, I have been waiting on (who I thought) was everyone else but ME. I've been waiting on permission to do the things that I wanted to do. From the time I was a little girl up until recently, if I wasn't asking for permission, I was seeking approval. Approval from my parents, my sister, friends, teachers, employers, lovers & sometimes even strangers. Somewhere along the way, somewhere inside of me, I had lost my self-assurance.

Self-assurance was like my personal road map to my path in life and I had misplaced it. Like losing my keys under a pile of junk on the kitchen table, I had lost my road map under a pile of fear, insecurity and confusion. This loss was paralyzing, like trying to move through life with ankle weights on. When did I lose it? Was it after some major event as a child? Or had a lost my self-assurance little by little along the way like termites eating away at the core of your home?

Was I making the right decisions? Was I doing things correctly? Should I wait? Should I move forward? I didn't know who to listen to, my inner voice or everyone else? Usually your inner voice isn't recognized as anything practical or realistic and I was certainly raised in a very practical family. I never gave my inner voice the credit it deserved. I believed everyone else had more knowledge and experience than I did. What hadn't occurred to me, is that the knowledge and experience that they had may be fitting for their life path, but not necessarily mine. Like so many others, I was busy trying to fit into the cookie-cutter life that society had created.

All I know is that I started waking up and realized that I was living a life that I created based on what everyone else wanted for me. It was time to take responsibility for getting so off course of where the true ME wanted to be. How am I doing that? Sorry - No easy answer and no overnight resolve in my story... Lots of quiet time, meditation, prayer and asking my inner, higher self for guidance. I started with only being able to recognize what I didn't want in my life and once I figured that out and cleared those negative things away, I was able to start listing things that I do want in my life. Then it was easier to only start focusing on the positive things that you want to manifest. One important ingredient that I cannot forget to mention is FAITH. Once you know what you want and you've have asked the universe to bring it to you, you must believe that it IS coming to you and if the universe knows that the "wish" is not right for you, it will certainly bring something even better.

I ask you to "wake-up" with me, find your road map, listen to your inner voice, dream your dreams and make your plans to live your life NOW (not tomorrow, don't wait on someone to send you a personal invitation, don't wait on someone else to make a plan for you, YOU decide on what fun to have and do it)!!!

Find the LOVE, Light & Life inside of you, because that's the only place it will be. ;)

Heaven or the Void? Or are they ONE in the same?

Laurel West, LMT: Posted on Sunday, November 06, 2016 6:19 PM

During an Energy Healing Session with one of my regular clients this past week, I was shown and given the feeling of being in what Spirit referred to as "the Void." It was such a delicious experience, and an awakening to a new power - the power to visit this place that felt like Heaven whenever I wanted to. I have never fully understood the concept of being in "the Void." Many speak of it, but I'm not sure if anyone can actually fully understand what it means until it is experienced.

Here is what this beautiful, Heavenly realm felt like:

It IS a perfect, peaceful, calm bubble of divine source energy surrounding you. This space feels like a warm, yummy, loving embrace that is not restrictive, but more of a complete surrender, faith and trust in being held by the Divine. I felt weightless, like floating, like everything and nothing, no worries, non-reactive, non-judging, no expectations or time, no ego interference, full presence, an assurance and knowing that all is well and in Divine order. I felt not only LOVE, but that I was LOVE.

Upon discovering this amazing and magical place, I decided to do some research on what others perceive as the Void and what I found was a full spectrum of light and dark. The beauty of the Void depends on your perception, level of awareness and point of awakening. Many are extremely fearful of the Void because it's a place of nothingness - a place where you are forced to look deep inside of yourself, to face the darkness and learn to become comfortable with your true self. This is what is referred to as the "Dark Night of the Soul". An experience that can last one night or months and will reoccur until you've have faced ALL fears instead of resisting them. This is an embracing and diving deep into the darkness within until acceptance of self is found. The Dark Night of the Soul must be an entrance or initiation process to reach the Heavenly Void. I feel like the description of the Dark Night of the Soul - something of which I've personally experienced many, many times, is a whole, separate Blog!

The Void is where you find yourself, where you fall fully in LOVE with the light and dark aspects of your true, authentic self. A place where you embrace

everything about you, so that you don't feel the need to fill the void with others and things - distractions. You discover your completeness. The Void isn't emptiness, the Void is everything and nothing all at once, It is the Universe - vast and empty, yet filled and whole. The Void is like being locked in a dark closet, all alone. It can be an extremely terrifying experience or an extremely peaceful one, depending on your perception.

I had found an excerpt from the book Eat, Pray, LOVE, where she describes a very similar experience as the one I had - one that she didn't want to let go of, but found slipping away the tighter she tried to hold on to it... Here's the excerpt: "that's when God let me go, let me slide through His fingers with this last compassionate, unspoken message: "You may return here once you have fully come to understand that you are always here.""

A very powerful message. One that should be reread until it sinks in deep and one that reminds us that Heaven isn't a place, Heaven resides inside of us.

This experience was a blissful drink of water, a mile-marker on a very long journey and God's way of saying to me "Look how far you have come." I realized that I had already trekked through the darkness of the Void and that I had reached a point that I could now See the Light. I now have a much deeper understanding of one of my favorite Rumi quotes: "Close your eyes, Fall in LOVE, stay there."

This is where you shall find me.

Some places I found with viewpoints of the Void:




Eat, Pray, LOVE

The Magic of Natural Healers

Laurel West, LMT: Posted on Monday, December 09, 2013 12:28 PM

They don't all possess it, but the ones who do, you can feel it. What is "it" you ask? That certain energy that they have that permeates their soul and has been inside them for lifetimes. They are Healers and every ounce of their being emanates that healing energy.It's not a measure of intelligence. Even the most esteemed doctors, practitioners and therapists may not hold this status of natural born healer.It's not the ones who went into the profession because of financial status, societal or family status. It's the ones who came into the world with a need to serve, to care give, to heal. They do it because they can't stand to see humanity suffer. It's a calling that cannot be ignored, at least, not for long.

When I visit one of my natural healers, it isn't just an appointment, it's an experience. I may schedule the session for a specific reason or ailment, but I have always left being healed on many different levels and usually with a drop of education that will change my life in some small or sometimes huge way. At times, I feel as though I'm being let in on some ancient secret of the Universe. The healers that hold this magic have tapped into the wisdom of the Universe through intuition. They don't hoard this information. NO. That is the difference, they don't compete or practice greed, they empower. They do have homes, families, the need to eat and pay back usually tons of tuition. If they had the means, most would donate their services because they love what they do. The successful healers have come to understand the energy exchange of money and that it is necessary not only for their survival, but to the value of the service.

Magical Natural Healers usually belong to a close circle of healers and are typically found by word of mouth. So, if you have found magic, cherish it, value it and spread the LOVE by sharing with your friends & family.

Sending out a thank you to all of the Magic Healers in my life who have inspired me, mentored me, LOVED me and have helped me heal. <3

Universal Shift: My perception of the latest world events....

Laurel: Posted on Thursday, May 05, 2011 10:47 AM

There have been so many major events and disasters that have occurred in our world lately from Hurricanes, Tsunamis and Tornadoes to even the hard hitting economy. Just this year, the occurrences seem to be happening more often and closer together. Just in the past 10 days in the media, we've had tornado disasters, a Royal wedding and the capture of a famous terrorist.

All of these events, I believe, are all part of the shift into the new Feminine era of LOVE & Compassion & Community... Leaving Selfishness, Hatred & Greed behind. Whether it is a disaster or a celebration, it has undeniably brought people together sharing their own belongings, supporting & understanding each other more.

So much happening and at such a faster speed now than before, that we barely have time to digest the meaning of each. Let's each take the time to think about how each event has affected us as one. Most of these events, the economy being a broader disaster, have forced most of us out of our comfort zones, made us pay closer attention to what's happening to the world as a whole.... We've down-sized, we've realized the importance of community and buying local, volunteering, getting to know our neighbors.... We are getting back to basics and being reminded more often what's really important. We have sorted out our true friends and reached out for emotional support. Hopefully, eventually, people will put more importance on people and not possessions!

All of this is due to this huge Universal shift that is happening to us and our earth, on a physical level, emotional, conscious and unconscious levels. This shift is a positive move for humanity, one to celebrate. But, like most changes & moves, it's uncomfortable and chaotic, stressful, confusing, a test of faith and emotionally difficult to cope with. These are all the more reason to go through each day with more compassion for everyone around you. Everyone of us has a fear of some sort, insecurities that we may realize or deny and weaknesses that we may try to hide. Understand that you are not alone. We are all connected, we all feel these feelings, we all need LOVE.

Make an effort today to find some compassion and LOVE in your heart for yourself and the souls who come into your path. The easiest place to start is to smile and feel LOVE within yourself. That is more contagious than you may realize. From there, have more patience for others. You have no idea what their story is and why they are the way they are. The more of us who can share LOVE and compassion, the easier the shift will be. Go with the flow of this positive shift, don't get left behind!

LOVE, Light and Many Blessings to ALL of you!!

(you may notice that I always use All Caps for the word LOVE... I started doing this not too long ago to remind the people in my life the importance and power of LOVE and also, to show how big my LOVE is for them. I would LOVE for this to start a trend and us all spread the meaning & importance of LOVE to as many as possible.)

Healing our Earth from the Fire - higher meaning

Laurel: Posted on Thursday, September 08, 2011 10:03 AM

Every evening before I fall asleep, I have a routine of lighting my candles, turning on relaxing music and either reading, meditating or just pondering the day. It occurred to me last night, that this week at least, the name, http://www.EarthandFireHealing.com, I have chosen for my website will have taken such a profound meaning due to our local wildfires. My intention for this website was to help people with their path & journey to become better souls. To assist in whatever way that I am able to help us all evolve to the next spiritual level of LOVE.

I truly believe that God is in control and has a plan - a much bigger picture of what needs to happen in order for all of humanity to ascend to a higher vibration. There are certainly some of us who are aware of this "push" and understand the need for change and willingly go with the flow of it. Most though, are still resisting and need a huge shove in the direction of this higher vibration. All of these disasters are wake-up calls from God. They may seem harsh and un-Godly, but small nudges rarely work. I know this in my own life. I'm aware when changes in my life need to take place, but most of the time I don't listen to the gentle signs that are given to us. I need the knock you on your knees kind of push in the direction of my highest good.

But what about the violent devastation and death we ask?!! A loving God couldn't possibly be behind these disastrous occurences... It is hard to understand the why, especially from our perspective here on Earth in our human form. Our spirits are strong and everlasting and made of God and the Universe as one. Earth is just a place our spirits visit to learn lessons for mere moments in Eternity. Everything we experience in our "lifetime" on Earth is a valuable lesson and a necessary step in order for our souls to evolve. Our higher selves chose to be here in this life and accepted the lessons to be learned in whatever form they may come in. Some of our greatest lessons in life are the most difficult, the most traumatic and most painful. Our souls decide before our birth on earth to exit in many different ways. Whether it may be in a "group exit" when many deaths occur at once from disasters, or even in violent individual deaths - it is planned by our higher selves. A lesson always occurs surrounding death for the people left behind - a new awareness is adopted.

It may feel as though the world is coming to an end - it is not! What has happened with each and every one of these enormous disasters from 9/11 to each disaster happening around us everyday is Community. It is what God is trying to teach us all. The importance of LOVE and our relationships with ourselves & other people. He is taking away our material possessions and asking us to look at what is left behind. Nothing.

Nothing but each other, sharing, caring, supporting, showing and giving of LOVE.

Short version Protection Prayer that I say multiple times each day for myself & others:

"Heavenly Father Mother God, Please surround me (and everyone) with the protection of your Divine LOVE and Light."