Spiritual Guidance Session:

As an Ascension Guide, I am part of a group of souls who chose to incarnate on the Earth plane at this time to assist with the Ascension of the human collective. All of humanity will ascend and it is happening in waves. Souls in the first waves are going through the process of awakening first and then assisting those following behind them and so on. The accelerated ascension journey can be challenging. Some of the process is intended to be difficult in order to catalyze the changes and growth needing to occur. There are ways to go about this journey with the most ease as possible and that is by being proactive in the inner work that is calling to you. Along this path, you will attract the mentors, guides and information that you are needing in that very moment. We are ALL ascending!

The Spiritual Guidance session is based off of your individualized needs. We will begin with assessing where you are in your journey and the steps needed to take to discover your highest path. Some may require only one session to set them on their path, while others may choose weekly sessions to help guide them on the most efficient route possible. The sessions are NOT intended to create a dependency, but instead to empower you to uncover your highest self and purpose. Growth will only occur for those willing and ready to do the work necessary. While Energy Healing can induce huge, seemingly miraculous shifts, continued work will hold the energy in place and move it forward.

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Spiritual Guidance Sessions:

approx 60 min: $110.00

Here are some of the subjects that the session might cover:

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Inner Truth/Inner Wisdom

Life Purpose/Divine Mission

Listening/Trusting Intuition

Meditation/Spiritual Practice


-navigating the journey



-navigating dimensions

-anchoring into higher dimensions


Energetic Purging

Energetic Shielding


-Collective Energy

-Clearing Blocks

-Removing Neg. Entities


-House Clearing



Spirit Communication


Raising Vibration


-Essential Oils

-Flower Essences

-Music/Frequency Healing


Twin Flame/Divine Union processes/phases

Dark Night of the Soul

Kundalini Awakening


-Chakra merges/Energy merges


Free Will/Surrender

Shifting Perception


Ability to Give/Receive

Patience/Divine Timing

Energy Alignment

Illusion of Separation

Union Aspects

-Spiritual (Energetic)

-Emotional (Heart)

-Mental (Ego)

-Physical (3D relationship)

Roles of Karmic Partners


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**Laurel West is not and does not claim to be a medical doctor, psychologist or licensed counselor and she recommends that you only take the information that resonates with you and to leave the rest. If you are suffering with severe depression, anxiety or any other physical, mental or emotional symptoms, please consult your physician first.